Gaia Town: The fun, planet-saving game

Environmental issues are of increasing concern. The planet needs an immediate solution to be rescued.


The first environmentally educational game has been developed by an agency in Guatemala, called MAS Digital, which has 8 years’ experience in digital media and technology. The creators have shared, “We designed a 3D gaming experience for children to learn to care for their planet and be an example for the future.”


Gaia Town promises to be 100% educational and fun while providing an interactive and exciting way to learn to solve the environmental problems that our planet faces. The creators explained that the game provides lessons on topics such as carbon emissions, organic sources of food, energy solutions, renewable energy and recycling, among others.


MAS Digital has decided to take their idea to Kickstarter in order to raise $200,000 in 45 days. The funds will support the release of the game in September of 2014, by providing the ability to finalize the game and develop the city, characters, and mini-games even further. The game will be released in the App Store and on Google Play; it will be available for smartphones, tablets, Windows and Mac.


“Help us save the future!” – Gaia Town

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Gaia Town: The fun, planet-saving game



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