What You Need to Know About Serious Games

Life teaches us, from the moment we’re very young, that games are one of the main methods for learning; through games, it is possible to acquire skills of high complexity. As we grow older, games continue to form an important part of our life in the form of things we’re passionate about, such as sports. If you like playing sports, you are aware that through it you may learn skills that can be applied both at work and personally.

Therefore, games are critical for learning by:

  1. Appealing to the motivation of people.
  2. Teaching learning by doing; since no one can play for you, they offer a personal, nontransferable experience.
  3. Teaching to overcome fear of being wrong, because it is crucial to learn that in games.
  4. Promoting creativity.

Now, have you heard the term “Serious Game”? This term is used to refer to games that have a specific purpose beyond just being entertaining. They are usually associated with learning an important topic by developing new concepts and skills. They can also be used for commercial purposes, to raise awareness.

In this type of games language, sound, music and animation are used to ensure a learning process.
In some cases, this type of games can be used as training and a simulation of certain activities, such as running a business or operating a vehicle. In general terms, a “serious game” must be directly related to the real world, not based on a fantasy world and must have a purpose beyond just providing entertainment.

What is the Purpose of a Serious Game?

Such games enhance the understanding of certain content, promote experiences with high levels of interaction and allow the creation of test solutions to real problems. Here is a detailed list of what these games provide.

  • Learning by doing: providing the opportunity to test multiple solutions in which people are able to explore and discover new information without equivocation, as there are no consequences.
  • Simulating real life: environments within serious games have scenarios that respond like the real world
  • Believing in potential: through the rewards and structure of the game, you learn that you can achieve specific objectives. This encourages a positive attitude.
  • Overcoming barriers: this type of game breaks the barriers of language, geography, race, gender and physical ability.
  • Retention of knowledge: through interactive fun, it is possible to retain more knowledge
  • Attractive learning: new generations are used to navigating a digital environment, so for them it is much more attractive to learn through games.
  • Integration of new technologies: such games can give new meaning and educational value to computers, cell phones and other devices that are part of our daily lives

Who are Serious Games Aimed At?

Such games can be for either gender, so they appeal to a variety of audiences, such as young children, students, professionals or consumers of any age. Furthermore, they can be used and developed for various technologies and multiple operating systems.

One of the main benefits of this type of game is that you can store 10 times more data, faster than through other means.

Clasification of Serious Games:

  • Advergaming: These are interactive games that allow exposure to a brand or product
  •  Educational and Entertainment: the main goal is to provide assisted learning. Usually this type of game is aimed at children, but can also target a wider audience. Entertainment games allow people to interact freely, experiencing life simulations. In both cases, the realistic and interactive experience helps people learn faster and form better recall procedures.
  • Health: also known as “wellbeing games” deal with issues related to healthy living, exercise and more. It is one of the game types that have greater social benefit.
  • Political and Social: the main goal is to educate people about their rights and obligations as citizens.
  • Business: in these games one engages in simulations of business situations related to economic and control strategies.

In summary, serious games are a new way of teaching people through the games. This is a new concept known as game-learning that allows users to form a variety of skills. Its multiple benefits make it an attractive tool for any business or institution. The most attractive point is that it breaks all barriers, and that no matter how old you are or where you come from, you can learn through this method. It is also possible to use multiple devices that we have in our daily lives.

The multiple skills that people can acquire, make these games even more attractive. It is a tool in which people are aware that they can analyze the consequences of their decisions instantly without taking any real risks. They offer people the opportunity to experiment, take risks and most importantly, to learn.


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